Pavement Upgrading & Rehabilitation

The effective management of a road upgrading and rehabilitation project encompasses several capabilities, ranging from technical expertise to project management, so as to ensure the road is constructed to the required specifications and expectations.

Road Rehabilitation is a principal activity undertaken by the Rolid Setia. Works carried out under road rehabilitation projects include upgrading, pavement repairs, pavement recycling and overlay.

We are strong and effective team and you can rely on our team and services. In this way Rolid Setia has positioned itself as one of the leaders for pavement upgrading and rehabilitation in Malaysia.

Rolid Setia is expert in various techniques in pavement rehabilitation

(1) Conventional Technique

  • Resurfacing
  • Mill and pave
  • Reconstruction

(2) Pavement Technology

  • CIPR - Cold in-Place Recycling using cement

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